3 Pay As You Go Phones – What Are The Benefits?

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When you decide to get a mobile phone you have to decide which option to go for. You could get a contract phone where you pay a monthly fee and get the handset free of charge. But this can be costly if you don’t use the phone very much. There are SIM only deals as well, but lots of people decide to get the Pay As You Go option. This gives you the freedom to use your phone as little as possible and not have to pay a monthly fee.

3 Pay As You Go is a typical example of this. The idea is that you can pick one of the latest handsets to invest in, and get a 3 Pay As You Go tariff to go with it. Lots of people like this because they can get the exact phone they want and not have to worry about paying lots of money every month for a contract. It could be ideal for you as well if you know how you use your phone.

The best thing to think about when you are considering 3 Pay As You Go options is how often you use your 3 mobile phones and what you use it for. Some people literally keep it to send texts occasionally and perhaps to make the odd phone call. If this sounds like you, you will probably enjoy getting a 3 Pay As You Go deal. You will get better value for money from it than you would from a monthly contract.

For example let’s say you top up your phone by £10 when you get it on the first day of the month. Your 3 Pay As You Go tariff will tell you how much you will pay for each text and call. You may find you get a certain number of free minutes or texts every time you top up as well. Now if you were paying for a monthly contract you would have to pay once again on the first of every month. But if your £10 top up lasted well into the middle of the next month, or even the month after that, it wouldn’t matter. You could still keep using your phone and just top up again whenever you needed to.

You can probably see that when you are on a tight budget and you don’t use your mobile phone a lot, you can just top it up whenever it suits you. This is why so many people get so much out of the 3 Pay As You Go option. With plenty of modern phones you could buy as well, there is every chance you will find something just perfect for your needs. Whether you go online, phone friends or text everyone you know, you can see just why 3 Pay As You Go deals are exceptional fun.

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