3 of the Best Real-Life Portrayals of Sportsmen

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The best sports movies always portray a good sport that show that nothing is impossible in life if you work hard for it. Here are 3 of the best sports movies' with portrayals of some of these real life fascinating people.

The Cinderella Man (2005)
A broken hand from boxing forces James J. Braddock, a light-weight boxing contender to stop from the money-churning profession. However, it was difficult for Braddock to get work during the Depression, but when he did; it would be manual labor, despite the injury. One day, he is called in by his previous manager to fill in a spot in one competition and proves victorious and able to make a comeback. Winning competition after competition, he pays off the money that was given to him by the government during his unemployment, which story of nothing to riches inspired others during that tough time. Eventually, he defeats the world champion and lives a good life with Mae.

Ali (2001)
This movie is about Muhammad Ali, an African American iconic figure in the world of boxing. In this movie, we learn of how he wins championships one after another, his religious views with Islam, and how he holds strong to his beliefs of fairness. Throughout the movie, we find that his world is like a boxing ring, requiring fight for survivals. This fight includes standing against racism and promoting fairness. The willingness of him to sacrifice himself for the sake of fairness for his right to play has gained him great reputation within the world of sports in general.

Pride of the Yankees (1942)
This is the tale of a young man named Lou Gehrig, who only wanted to play baseball. His mother was persistent on him studying hard and making it as an engineer, however, he had other plans. His abilities in the game proved to be an asset to the New York Yankees team and is later well-accepted by them. Meanwhile, he falls in love and eventually receives his mother's blessings in his profession. One day, he finds himself out that he is ill, but still plays for the team when he is still able to.

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