3 Important Details To Look For In An HMS Victory Model

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HMS Victory is the pride of the British Royal Navy. It has been preserved ever since it was created in 1765. It is one of the very few ships that have survived two centuries. In addition, it is known for the famous Battle of Trafalgar, where it was Lord Nelson's personal ship. Today, its replica stands on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar square as a mark of respect for its solid engineering and the reverence of the people towards this legendary ship. The popularity of the HMS Victory is well known. Thousands of its replica models have been sold. But many enthusiasts who want to buy a replica do not know some very important details about these models. This article gives information about three such important details about the materials used. The material used should influence your choice because this is what will have an impact on how long the HMS Victory model holds its beauty and charm.

HMS Victory: Details That Matter

A ship model is only as good as the materials that were used to make it. Hence, it is important that you pay special attention to them. Here are some tips on checking the material:

Wood Used: A very important part of the beauty of a ship model lies in the wood. It is this wood that makes the HMS Victory stand steady and displays all the carvings on the outer surface. It also provides a great view of what the deck looked like in its heydays. However, there are at least two different types of wood that need to be used in the model.

  • Basswood: The hull of the HMS Victory model should be made of Basswood. This is because it is finely grained and easy to work with. It supports nails very well. It is also easy to bend, allowing the artisan to replicate the exact shape and beauty of historical ships on a smaller scale. It is whitish in color, which is also like most historical ships. However, even if there are differences in color, wooden polishes can be used to correct it.

  • Boxwood: Boxwood on the other hand is hard and yellowish. It is easy to carve. This makes it a favorite for the internal parts of HMS Victory, including the miniature furniture on the deck.

Cloth: While buying a model of the HMS Victory, it is essential to ensure that the cloth used is linen. This is because Linen is easy to dry. Also, the cloth needs to be waxed so that the sail can hold its position. There are many models in which the waxing has not been done appropriately. As a result, the ship loses its charm.

Metal: Centuries of experience has shown that brass and copper are the only two metals that work well when it comes to building sustainable models. Beware of steel and steel wires. They tend to rust and crack.

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