3 Good Family Movies to Watch during the Weekend

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Here are some good movies you can watch with your family. With aspects of entertainment and educational bits, you will not be dry of conversation topics.

WALL-E (2008)
Planet Earth, in this movie, is overly polluted by humans that it becomes too toxic to live on. While the humans fly off to safety in a spaceship, maintenance robots are left to clean up the planet. As one of the last maintenance robots left on planet Earth, WALL-E is a sentimental lonely one that befriends a cockroach who appears to be the only other being on the planet. One day, WALL-E comes across and falls in love with EVE, a surveying robot sent by the humans to detect for life forms, which would be proof of Earth being sustainable. The two robots become close over a chain of events. From this movie, you will learn the importance of keeping the Earth clean, and the consequences of running away from the humane responsibility.

Shrek (2001)
This unconventional, happily-ever-after movie is about a beastly ogre named Shrek that goes on a rescue mission to save the peace of his swamp when Lord Farquaad releases an order that all fairy tale creatures should be forced to stay there. In order to claim that peace, he agrees to save Princess Fiona from a castle with a threatening dragon. Throughout the journey, he meets the frank and talkative Donkey, who becomes his ally, as well as Princess Fiona, who shows him the meaning of real beauty. This movie is the epitome of the idiom ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder', while conveying awareness that love does not always have to come with good looks, as most fairy tales turnout.

Back to the Future (1985)
What would you do if you could travel in time to save a person you cared for? In this movie, teenager Marty travels through time in hopes to stop the assassination of Doc, the inventor of a time travelling car. Travelling too far back into the days when his parents were teenagers, he accidentally comes between the chance that allowed his parents to meet and fall in love, when his mother develops a crush on him instead. He tries to make up for it, while seeking the younger Doc to help him travel back to the time he should be in. With his presence in the past, he unintentionally creates meddle that alters some of the future. Taking aspects of family love, loyalty, and sacrifice as well as the importance of conserving the essence of time, Back to the Future is one of the older, good movies that any family will enjoy watching together.

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