3 Food-Smart Ways to Save Money

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How can I save money, how can I spend less, how can I

make my money go further? If these are questions

floating around in your mind, rest assured you are not

alone. Many people are trying to find ways to stretch

their budget these days, and it's not always an easy

thing to do. Sometimes, saving comes by taking small

steps at a time which add up over time. Here are

three things you can do with food that will help you

spend less and save more.

1) Cook at home. It's tempting to eat out, or order

in when we've had a long hard day, but often it can

become a habit to eat pre-prepared food rather than

cooking our meals at home. You can save a lot of

money by cooking your meals at home. While going out

or ordering in that pizza is quick and convenient, it

is also expensive and really adds up during the week.

Start slowly-maybe on the first week you can try to

cook two times. On the second week, cook three meals;

on the third week cook four meals, and so on. Before

you know it, you'll be enjoying your time eating at

home and saving money as well.

2) Have a "clean out the fridge" day. Many of us

waste a lot of food, often when we inadvertently let

leftovers spoil in the refrigerator. To minimize the

waste, try to have a "clean out the fridge day" once

or twice a month. Try to use all of your leftovers

and any foods that might be near expiration, and make

a meal or meals out of it. You'll use food that

might have gone to waste, and you can be creative in

the use of the food.

3) Tea drinkers: Buy loose tea. Tea bags are

convenient to use but are more expensive than buying

loose bulk tea. You can save money by buying tea in

bulk. Put the loose tea in a tea holder basket and

use it just like you would a tea bag.
These simple things may not seem like much, but it is

a good place to start if you're serious about saving

money. Any thing you do will yield results, and

combined with other cost-cutting measures, will help

you save significantly. Doing nothing however will

bring about no results. Take action now-no matter

how small-and start making a difference in your

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