3 Considerations in Purchasing a Factory Storm Water System

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If your factory is considering purchasing a storm water system, it is not enough that you learn about different storm water equipment. You also have to study the community you are in. Note that there are some storm water systems that become ineffective due certain area characteristics. You have the community’s land area, soil type and pollutants to assure that your company’s money won’t go to waste.

Land Area

Observe the amount of land your community occupies. Is the land even or does it have highlands and lowlands? If it does, then you will have to find the storm technology that is designed for uneven land. The best example is the natural vegetation. Here, plants are situated on the highlands, slowing down the flow of storm water. By decreasing the speed of storm water, the ground gets to absorb more of it, which prevents natural water contamination.

You must also observe the distance between your community's land and the nearest body of water. If the distance is near, you will have to purchase more equipment, since less distance means faster water contamination. Here, it is not enough that you get a stormwater system that detains. You have to buy a storm water system that purifies.

Soil Type

There are certain types of soil that are more absorbent than others. If your community's soil type can easily absorb, you’re in luck. This type of soil serves as a natural storm water system. However, if your community's soil is the type that easily crumbles, then you will have to spend more for storm water technology. You will have to consider that landslides are prominent in your area. Apart from preventing storm water from mixing with sea water, there is also preventing soil from entering sea water. Remember that your community's area may possess more than one type of soil. It is best that you hire a soil specialist first before purchasing any equipment.


Check out the area's common pollutants. Does the pollution only come from your factory? If you have neighboring factories, you should team up with them in setting storm water systems. Remember that the clean water maintenance is only possible if every individual does his share. Your factory's efforts of storm water management will be useless if your neighbors do not cooperate.

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