2012 - The Earth is Changing...soon

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So maybe we should start this with a slap against your head. It has been so difficult speaking to the living dead.
We all appreciate Al Gore's movie the "Inconvenient Truth" for the information it has brought to the masses. Although there might be other ulterior motives at play, at least it was a major shift in thinking.

We have raped, plundered and destroyed this planet for a long time with no understanding nor compassion. If we have not done it ourselves we have certainly allowed other large multinational corporations and nations to do it. Simply by buying and using almost all of our commercial products we are contributing to the dismize of the very entity that keeps us all alive. So yes we have all contributed. The planet is a living consciousness too, not just a massive piece of rock floating through space. So this planet too is evolving like everything in Nature. All the time there is this constant fairly harmonic evolution through changes, because nothing was ever meant to remain constant for all eternity.

At one time all of the natural peoples of the Earth used to live in total harmony with nature, far beyond what people nowadays may think possible, but now there are extremely few of these people left.

A 400% increase in volcanic activity and tectonic plate movement in just the last few years, especially along the Ring of Fire. Sea levels are rising rapidlyand people already have to move their habitats because of global warming. Does anyone realize how many earthquakes are happening on a daily basis? You would be surprised or even shocked. No this is not all normal or natural. Just 20 years ago any of these major Earth events were fairly scarce, not like now, when there are several major events daily and growing exponentially every few months. (Check out thehorizonproject.com/earthquakes.cfm and earthchangesmedia.com for up to date news on what is really happening, and why do most of these MAJOR almost daily events not make the headline news or the cover of your newspaper?)


What to do?

- We obviously cannot rely on our governments to inform and protect us. We all saw what happened in New Orleans with Katrina. It only took 5 days, from normal everyday living to total chaos, looting, murders, lack of food and drinking water. That should be a lesson for all, five days!

- We need to be prepared at all times, no matter where you are on this planet. You need to be sovereign. You must be able to look after yourself and your family. Always have enough food and water in your home at all times for at least two months. Even better have enough stored away to last you two years because if we have a super volcanic eruption causing a nuclear winter, it could easily last for two years or more before the skies clear up again.

- You have two choices: Live in fear and denial or simply be prepared for anything. You have got nothing to lose by being prepared. The more you are prepared the lesser the fear.

- We need to educate ourselves in these matters. Through knowledge and the application of that knowledge we can overcome anything. We too can evolve and change with the planet and live to see a fabulous, fabulous future.

So what is the relevance with the 2012 predictions?

Obviously we (our planet) are in a dramatic phase of change. All of this was clearly predicted in the Mayan prophecies, the I-Ching, and even the Bible. Astronomers alike confirm some of the predicted planetary movements and alignments scheduled for 2012. Their knowledge in general is too limited to predict exactly what will happen and even to understand the calculations made by earlier (and brighter) civilizations, including for example the Sun Spot Cycle calculations. Do you prefer to leave everything to luck or do you want to have some control of your and your children's future? Whether you believe in a cataclystic end to much of life on Earth or simply 'changes' of some sort and intensity, knowledge and preparation are no luxury items in this respect!

Learn much more about the significance and severity of the events in 2012 and how you can be prepared to save yourself and your loved ones. In addition, we'll give you a free report on the "Labyrinth of Egypt" when you visit http://2012pro.com/ today!

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