2011 Super Bowl Commercials

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A tradition has emerged, as the super bowl is becoming a bigger TV event every year. This event is the commercials. With TV becoming more popular across the country many companies are turning to the Super Bowl to show their commercials. Many companies use it as an opportunity to launch new commercial campaigns. Audi and Mercedes Benz are using the 2011 Super Bowl to change how they advertise. Both of the car companies are starting to advertise on social networks as part of their 2011 super bowl commercial campaign. They plan to give out lots of prizes through various social networks. So make sure you keep your eye out for these awesome prizes.

With more and more companies trying to get commercial space for the 2011 super bowl prices of ads has sky rocketed over the past couple of years. This year a 30 second spot is expected to cost around $3 million. So who would spend all this money you might ask? Well a lot of companies actually. This year the 2011 super bowl commercial space sold out quicker than ever with companies trying to jumpstart their sales in 2011. After a few years of bad sales because of recession companies want to help their sales bounce back with a solid 2011 super bowl commercial. This should be a perfect way to do this with the super bowl getting more than 90 million viewers every year. Also with the increased use of social media that’s even more views for every 2011 super bowl commercial. Companies like Anheuser-Busch are going to be one of the companies owning the super bowl commercials. The number of commercial spots they have hasn’t been released but they did have 4 minutes and 30 seconds last year so you have to expect them to have a lot of commercial spots.

After just glancing at this years ad space buyers I have a feeling that the commercials this year are going to be great. With a new year coming and signs of recession ending companies are looking to spark buyer interest coming into the new year. Hopefully it will end up well for the companies and for all the commercial watchers out there stay tuned for the complete list of companies purchasing ad space this year. Just a hint there are a couple first year buyers on the list. With these first time buyers on the list everyone will be expecting that they spend some big bucks in production to make something great.

But making the commercials aren’t as easy as it may sound. Production for super bowl commercials can sometimes cost millions in addition to the price of the commercial spot. Many companies have been known for going over board when it comes to production of super bowl commercials. Last year Audi enlisted Cheap Trick to remake one of their famous songs for one of their commercials about green police. All this money spent when your commercial could just flop and do nothing. This is why so much time and money are put into super bowl commercials by companies looking to break out in 2011. The money is all well worth it when the commercial ends up as a success. Having the best commercial of the 2011 super bowl will give companies tons of press on their own.

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