160 sms characters are taking businesses high with the use of mass text message

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Sms, abbreviation for short message service, limited to only one hundred and sixty characters in many countries, widely used with all type of mobile or Internet based applications like text message on mobiles, Text on line in form of emails and Internet sms. This simple form of information exchange have enormous amount of power and there are examples where sms has proven to be most powerful tool for exchange of information whether it is enabling live protests in Philippines or HIV/AIDS education and support in Mexico and South Africa. Businesses are focusing over text message and text online to get maximum exposure to their target audience. Following advantages make sms most powerful tool for marketing, brand building and information channel.

Sms or text message is very economic medium of communication some of mass text messages service providers will charge less then one penny or one sms. Giving excess to small scale or newly formed businesses for literally huge quantity of customers. Number of people which can be targeted with any other type of communication media can not exceed from text message as popularity of mobile do not needs to be explained and to add another feather in it sms is the most popular service among all the other services on mobile.

When it comes to customer targeting and business niche targeting nothing can serve better then text message or text online. Reason lies behind the different types of software easily available in the market to analyse the mobile number database or to filter database in order to get mobile contacts of desired customers or particular customer niche. Different types of logical operators make task even more easy to refine the data for example you can easily separate data of women above the age of thirty from a huge amount of data having all the gender and age groups in it and target text message can be triggered to them instantly.

You do not need to have even a mobile to send bulk text message to hundreds of recipients. All you need to have is a desktop or laptop with Internet connection. There are websites which allows you send text messages to any mobile number. Use of such websites is limited to personal use as there is a limit to send text online or internet sms on per day basis. However unlimited internet sms can be send using any sms gateway easily available with all the telecommunication service providers. Internet sms through the websites are free of cost and Internet sms with the use of sms gateway normally have minimum applicable charges.

How much time you need to promote your business to thousands of customer and to what extent you are sure that your promotional messages will get delivered ? Well ! With the use of mass sms campaign you can literally send thousands of messages to your target customers with just a click of mouse with very high levels of accuracy. Message API (Application Programming Interface) ensures the delivery of your text message to every recipients irrespective of type of mobiles and difference of telecommunication service providers technology. So when it comes to time saving and easy levels with all possible ways of business promotion Mass sms campaign stood first in the list.

There is only one limitation of one hundred and sixty characters as limit of text message but a creative and well designed message can easily solve this problem also and as they say rightly selected words may have more impact then a random speech.

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