16 Proven Tips to Increase iPhone’s Battery life

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Generally iPhone battery life is not considered really well as compared to other PDA phones. For a frequent user, the battery can't live for one day per single charging. However this time can be increased by applying following changes with your iPhone and a reasonable change of 20% increase in battery timing can be reflected in your iphone.

  • Turn off 3G

  • The iPhones 3G should be turned off while this feature is not being used, however the use of edge won't really affect the battery.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi

  • Make sure to turn off the iPhone's Wi-Fi along with the end of internet usage for the day, if you can't afford to do this then try turning it off when you go to sleep. Wi-Fi consumers a lot of battery because iphone have to constantly runs a backend process to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity. If there is no internet usage then there is no need to maintain connectivity with wireless router.

  • Turn off Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth is one of the famous apple iphone accessories. The blue tooth feature is designed to live with the iphone battery. If there is not Bluetooth usage then, turning off the iphone Bluetooth is highly recommended to save battery.

  • Turn off Auto-Brightness

  • Auto brightness changes the iPhone's screen brightness on the basis of surrounding light which consumes battery through auto brightness process and changing from low brightness to high brightness level. Turing off this process will stop a back end process and constant brightness level will not consume more battery due to change in brightness level.

  • Lower the Brightness

  • More screen brightness requires more battery. A reasonable brightness level is between, 25% to 30% which will brighten up the iPhone screen display good for both day and night.

  • Do a monthly battery calibration

  • A strict rule given by Apple is to 100% charge the iPhone's battery after it has completely drained; this will refresh the charge carrying capacity to maintain battery life and backup time. This practice is recommend one a month.

  • Remove case

  • Some people put the iphone is protective case, which is good to protect the iphone and one of the most common and famous apple ipod accessories and apple iphone accessories but charging the iphone within the protective case can cause harm to the iphone and can result in poor battery time. This is because iPhone generates heat during charging process and if the heat is not released it can damage battery cells or iphone circuit.

  • Remove 3rd Party Apps that Drains Battery

  • There are many iPhone Apps that are fun games, entertainment programs etc, no doubt that these apps make your iphone more interesting but on the other hand they drain a lot of battery. This is no special need to remove those apps, just use then less frequently.

  • Set Auto-Lock to 1 minute

  • Turn off Location Services

  • Turn off Push (Use manual Fetch schedule)

  • Limit GPS use unless required

  • Turn-Off iPhone's Equalizer

  • Less Email Addresses

  • Turn Sound Effects Off

  • Turn SSH Off

  • SSH runs is background and drains battery, this can be turned off from the application BossPrefs OR from default SSH service icon. This runs in the background to detect any network activity and this is the main cause of poor battery time for all jailbreak iPhones.

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