100 Years of Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden cosmetics have long been a staple of the fashion industry and it might be surprising to many that this cosmetics company has been going for over 100 years now. Canadian born Florence Nightingale Graham came up with some of the earliest cosmetic creams through working with a variety of herbs and medicines. In would not be long before the soon to be created brand name was known and renowned internationally.

Now known as Elizabeth Arden, she opened her first beauty salon in New York in 1908 in the fashion centre of Manhattan. The success of the salon was unrivalled and it was not long before there were numerous salons stretched across America. As a result the brand branched out into a variety of other areas of cosmetics such as eye liner and rouge as Elizabeth Arden brought European fashions to America. With Paris being the fashion capital of the world much of their inspiration and styles came from here and where embraced by America. Styles of makeup in all colours were a new addition to American fashion and Elizabeth Arden was the place to get these new exotic styles.

By now there were numerous stores across the United States and it was Elizabeth Arden's devotion to inspired styles and designs and well trained female beauty consultants in all stores that say such a dedicated following in the fashion community.

By the mid nineteen thirties Elizabeth Arden was a world renowned brand and would go on to create it's first of a range of fragrances that would become a staple of the cosmetic giants products. In later years they would produce a range of cosmetics for women in wartime and move into a range of couture clothing design as the company expanded exponentially.

By the time of her death in 1966 the brand name that is Elizabeth Arden was worth tens of millions with salons worldwide and a range of products from perfumes to fashion designs. The brand would continue to grow and today grosses somewhere in the hundreds of millions. With an ever expanding array of products the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics range consists of hundreds of beauty products and grows every year.

As one of the most successful cosmetics chains around Elizabeth Arden looks set to continue to maintain its growth long into the future.

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