10 Weight-loss Myths and Mistakes

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1. I’ve got to eat less to lose weight

Starvation diets don’t work! Short term,your body goes into starvation mode and conserves fat stores – you will pick up weight. Long term,the weight-loss won’t last and the kilo’s will pile on as quickly as it was lost.

2. I eat bread even though it bloats me

Most people do not realize that they suffer from food intolerances- the constant sinusitis,bloating,joint pain,fatigue and constipation becomes the norm. Many people continue eating the offending foods without realizing that it could slow and even prevent weight loss.
Following an elimination diet is a good way to identify the culprit. Waistline,the Online Weight-Loss Program offers a Detox program that excludes the most common problem foods and includes weekly eating plans with meal ideas and shopping lists.
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3. The only way to stop cravings is with diet supplements

Cravings can be controlled through diet! Certain foods like bread,cereals and pasta cause sugar levels to spike and drop very quickly. Your body’s response to low sugar levels is to request a little help in raising them –in the form of cravings! In other words,by avoiding,limiting or correctly combining foods,sugar spikes can be avoided and therefore cravings controlled. All without the use of supplements!

4. I want to reach my goal weight –yesterday!

Slower is better- give your body time to adjust and,equally importantly,give your skin time to adjust. Remember that the aim here is to reach your goal weight and AND STAY THERE! After all,how long did it take you to pick up your excess weight? Months? Years?

5. Its motivating to weigh myself every morning and evening

The scale does not only measure fat loss or gain. Water retention,bloating and constipation are a few of the factors that might also affect it. Monitoring yourself every day can be very demotivating and even obsessive. For a more accurate reading,rather record your weight on a weekly basis using the same scale,at the same time of day and of course wearing the same clothing.

6. My goal is to lose 6kg per week

Be realistic! Setting unreachable goals is a surefire way to demotivate and disappoint yourself. Factors such as hormonal problems,medication,medical problems,lifestyle and food intolerances could affect the rate of weight loss. Also keep in mind those with 30kg to lose will lose faster than those with 5kg to lose. Taking all these factors into consideration,write down your long term and short term goals. For example,your goal could be getting into an old pair of favourite jeans or to feel more comfortable wearing a seat belt or simply to lose 800g per week.

7. I gym twice a day and never accept social invitations

Remember for long term results,you must make changes to your lifestyle that are sustainable. My father had a favourite saying. “You do not want to be a fire made from paper that bursts into flame,only to die a little while later. Rather aim to be a coal fire that glows steadily and lasts.” In other words start the way you mean to carry on. Go out for dinner,just make the best possible choice. Get into an exercise routine that suits you personally- jogging,swimming,gymming,walking,skipping or working in the garden.

8. For convenience,I just eat the same foods everyday

Your body is more likely to reach a plateau if you do not vary your diet. Have a choice of 2 or 3 different breakfast options,change your veggy and starch selection on a weekly basis and ensure that your protein selection doesn’t consist of chicken,chicken and chicken.

9. I ate a burger for lunch,so skipped supper to make up

We all give in to temptation at some point or other- just don’t double the damage by skipping the next meal. Pick yourself up,dust yourself off and get straight back into routine.

10. I eat on the run;while paying accounts in my lunch hour and picking the kids up at school

Set aside 20 min,present your food attractively,sit down at a table,put your knife and fork down in between mouthfuls and chew properly. We have been given the gift of taste –take your time and enjoy your food. This will not only help the digestion process but will also stop the snacky feeling in between meals.

Visit www.waistline.co.za to order your individualized eating plan.

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