10 ways to have fun with your kids this summer

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Summer vacation is one of the most fun times in anyone's childhood. You have the time and freedom to do just about anything and you're guaranteed to make life-lasting memories. The beautiful weather presents so many opportunities to have a great time and to learn something new. So why not make this summer extra special for your little ones. If you're running short on ideas, check out the list below. You're sure to find something that will make the summer even better.

1. Go to a major league baseball game. Your kids will love the exciting atmosphere and you'll all enjoy some delicious hotdogs and maybe some popcorn.

2. Have a family barbecue night. Light some tiki torches and fire up the grill. You'll be able to cook some comfort food favorites, play some fun games and just lounge around on your patio furniture.

3. Open a lemonade stand. This is a classic American pastime. Your kids will have fun creating posters and decorating the stand, but they'll also learn the value of a buck.

4. Go to a public pool. This will be a great way for your kids to meet some new friends, while you can just lay back with a good book and watch them have a great time.

5. Have a game night. Gather together all of your favorite board games and some delicious snack food. Then just spend the whole night laughing and enjoying each other's company.

6. Go on a camping trip. This will give you some quality time to spend together without the distraction of video games or TV. If you don't have enough time to go out of town, just set the tent up in your backyard. It'll be just as fun once you start up the bonfire and make some s'mores.

7. Grow a garden together. This will be a great way to educate your kids while also having a great time. Let them choose some of the vegetables you grow and then use them in a special meal once they're ripe.

8. Build an outdoor fort together. Grab some old sheets and clip them up around the clotheslines. Then make a special dinner and eat it in the fort by candlelight.

9. Have an evening party. The weather is so wonderful during the summer, so why not have a party for all of you and your kids' friends? Just make sure there's a campfire, some great music and plenty of finger foods.

10. Go fishing at a local lake. Grab some fishing poles and make a yummy picnic lunch to bring with. Whether you fish in a boat or on the shore, it'll be great fun for all involved.

Long warm summer days are truly the best part of childhood. Go all out this year and make it a summer you and your kids will never forget. Don't stress about the little things because your kids will love being with you, no matter what you do. Just be creative and you'll never be bored.

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