10 Ways I Save the Environment Today

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For those of you who think one person cannot make a difference in our world, read on, your mind is about to change.

This is How I Save the Environment.

1) Today, I showered 9 minutes instead of 10.

2) Today, I set my a/c at 76 instead of 75.

3) Today, I drove to work at 64 mph instead of 65mph.

4) Today, I turned the lights off when I left a room.

5) Today, I stopped and picked up a candy wrapper in the street to put it in a garbage can.

6) Today, I put an aluminum can in my recycle bin.

7) Today, I put my newspaper in my recycle bin.

8) Today, I put my food waste in my compost heap.

9) Today, I used non toxic soap to wash my clothes and clean my home.

10) Today, I told someone how I save the environment.

Do you think I have made a large contribution to saving the environment?..... I know I have.

I have 1 million friends across the world I work with, and together:

1) Today, we helped save 12 million gallons of water.

2) Today, we saved 24 million tons of carbon emissions.

3) Today, we saved 1 million gallons of fuel.

4) Today, we saved 1 million kilowatts of power.

5) Today, we cleaned up 1 million pieces of plastic.

6) Today, we helped recycle 1 million aluminum cans.

7) Today, we helped recycle 1 million newspapers.

8) Today, we composted 1 million pounds of food that didn't make it to the landfill.

9) Today, we released "0" toxic chemicals into our atmosphere while cleaning our homes.

10) Today, we told 1 million people what we do to save the environment.

Stop thinking you do not make a difference. Everything you say or do makes a difference.

Take the time to educate yourself, your children and your friends about the importance of being aware of the little things we do.

The little things are worth... millions.

The little things are also worth investing in. The Green Movement is now in full swing and those who get on board early will surely benefit from a long term sustainable enterprise that will be here well into the future.

Not only are Green products helping to improve the indoor air quality of American homes, but they are also topping everything else in internet sales.

Some analysist believe the Green movement will command a 2 billion dollar industry share of internet revenues as early as 2112.

If you want to better your environment and improve your health, while earning an income, join the Green Movement Today!


Thomas Palmieri is a Wow Green Distributor educating consumers on how to change our environmental impact, one person at a time. To learn more about the Wow Green Products and their home business opportunity, visit me at Green-Business-Opportunity

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