10 tips for successful hair removal at home

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Depilation is an obsession with many women which they can go on talking for hours without getting tired. Especially among girls than among boys, the hair is the major question! When will they grow? How to rid them? But now you can discover here some tricks to declare war against these hairs to get a smooth and soft skin as silk. Read on to get the tips for hair removal in the privacy of your home.

How to reduce the pain of waxing?

Firstly, by adapting the best type of wax depending on skin type. Then, use the palm of the hand on the shaved area to apply pressure. At home, to avoid multiple regrowth of hair - that increases the pain of waxing - you must take regular scrubs. They make the waxing procedure easier. Finally, use some ice: it is true that it has an anesthetic effect which decreases the pain. It also tightens the pores which makes the hair pulling less painful. Due to the tightening of pores, hair gets pulled more effectively and more in number too at a time.

What wax is adapted to each area of the body?

Armpit hair, jersey and face hair are thicker than hair on the legs, so don't use the same type of wax for hair removal on legs: it takes a softer wax and slightly warm one to address these areas. And on these areas make sure you apply the wax with a spatula which is better than the bands because they are less irritating to those sensitive areas.

The pain and irritation due to waxing decreases with time and habit

It is true that a person needs some time to adapt to the wax and irritation may decrease over time too. But they depend mainly on the type of skin. From the standpoint of pain, it also decreases over waxing because the hair gets longer and gets pulled easily. There is also a decrease in its thickness from the second depilation.

How to prepare your skin before hair removal?

There should be a scrub, to remove both the dead cells and bring out any hair nestled under the skin. At best, it also disinfects the area with the antiseptic wipes or alcohol. After doing scrub do not apply body lotion or oil, because the wax would not stick on the skin, making it hard for the hair to stick to the strip.

How do I know which type of wax is suitable for my skin?

For sensitive skin, it is better to apply a wax not too hot because sometimes it becomes so thin that the hard wax even pulls out little more hair than your skin can bear. Women with circulatory problems should not perform waxing both warm and cold. Finally, those who are used to shaving use a little thicker wax, which plucks the hair better. The best thing is, if one is not accustomed to this kind of method, better come to institute to see what beauty product the beautician suggests for your skin type.

Can we do something to delay the process of hair regrowth?

Yes, there are creams and sprays also known as hair inhibitors which are easily available at the beauty stores and even online. Some of the best known hair growth inhibitors are ultra hair away and hairnomore. These are sprays which can be applied after the hair removal procedure. These products are quite effective and in long run the growth of hair lowers down. Moreover the new grown hair is light and thin.

What type of waxing you recommend for a first time?

I would recommend going to some institute! The wax is chosen by the beautician depending on the profile of the client, which makes the hair removal fast and more effective, and a professional is more reassuring when going for first time. At home you must have the courage to pull the band alone! In addition, as it is not clear how early is stressful and this will increase the pain.

What precautions should be taken after a hair removal?

After hair removal, there is a possible reaction on the skin in the form of small red dots which is normal. It will just take a few hours for the redness to go. Meanwhile, it is imperative not to expose yourself to sunlight. Furthermore, you must also wait 24 hours before you scrub, to allow the skin to rest. You must also remember to apply a moisturizer to relieve.

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