10 Tips for Interviewing Babysitters

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Almost all parents need to hire a babysitter every now and then. However, leaving your child with some one can be unnerving for most parents. It may not be easy to leave the kids at home, but there are some precautions you can take to ensure they are left with a professional, caring sitter. To help anyone nervous about finding a sitter we have collected the following 10 tips for interviewing babysitters.

1. Ask for a Resume
When making contact with potential sitters, ask each of them to provide a full resume, so that you have a better idea of their background. Ask them to provide previous babysitting jobs in addition to any other job positions they have held. Do not be afraid to call any references they provide, as it can be a great way to get insight into their caretaking skills.

2. Interview Process
If you have several interested applicants, conduct interviews with each sitter, conducting a phone or email interview followed by in in-person interview. The interview is the perfect time to ask any and all questions you might have for them, and let them know what you want from the babysitter who takes care of your children. Also be sure to allow them to ask any questions they might have.

3. Safety Training
It is also a good idea to ask applicants about their safety training and knowledge. Sitters who know CPR, First Aid, and know how to react in emergencies are very valuable. If you have a pool, make sure the sitter you choice knows how to swim. Provide some potential emergency situations to the potential sitter, and ask how they would react.

4. Go Over Task List
You may have special tasks you would need a sitter to perform, which not all babysitters may be comfortable with. Before the interview, write down your full list of tasks and go over each one. These tasks may be bathing the child, cooking for them, cleaning the dishes, putting the child to bed, etc.

5. Age Range Experience
As a parent, you know very well that children are different at every age. If you have an infant, make sure applicants are comfortable with an infant and all that comes with taking care of them. This means changing diapers, feeding, bathing, and entertaining them to suit their special needs. The same goes for children of every age, so be sure to describe your child's age and what it means.

6. Reliability
Having one sitter will be easiest for you and your children, so choosing a reliable person to care for your children is essential. Be sure sitters have reliable transportation, flexible schedules, and are easy to reach. Ask if they have another job or babysitting position they are also committed to, and what that schedule requires.

7. Handling Discipline
One of the most important questions to ask a sitter is how they discipline children they care for. Every parent has their own ways of disciplining their children, and you should make sure your sitter remains consistent with your method. It is best to make sure a sitter never spanks your child, but uses non-physical discipline so the child is not scared or confused. Make absolutely sure the sitter knows never to shake a child or infant, and is knowledgeable on the dangers of shaken baby syndrome.

8. Comfortable with Pets
If you have pets in the house, these to will be in the care of your sitter and should also be addressed. Make sure applicants are not allergic to animals you have in the house, and are comfortable caring for them. If they will be required to walk or feed and animals, go over these tasks in detail to make sure they are comfortable with them as well.

9. Verify House Rules
Much like the tricks children play on substitute teachers, your child may take the opportunity of having a sitter to modify their version of your house rules. To avoid this from happening, write up a list of house rules and go over each on with your sitter to make sure they understand and plan to follow each. Be sure to clarify if you do not allow visitors, smoking and drinking, or drugs on the premises while they are caring for your child.

10. Use your Instincts
Your parental instincts serve as one of the best tools you have in situations like these. Be observant during the interview, trying to get a hold on how sincere potential sitters are and if they enjoy what they do. Take the interview to a more comfortable place by asking them what they do for fun, this will give you a better idea of what they are about.

Scott Juceam is a business owner, consultant, creator, motivational speaker, and spiritual advisor. He has made thousands of friends around the nation establishing relationships to stop child abuse. To learn more about Scott Juceam check out ScottJuceam.com.

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