10 Things a Hot Girl Must Have on Summer Days

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Summer is one of the seasons when you'll have the most fun. You don't have to worry about the rain or snow cramping your style. It's the season where you can show off your beautiful skin without seeming too slutty or vulgar. So, what's the 10 most important things you need to have during the summer to make sure that you'll enjoy it to the fullest?

1. Great hair! The heat tends to fry your hair fast and so you need to always use hair conditioners to make sure you have soft and bouncy hair so you can attract guys with just one flip of your ponytail or with just one of your patented hair tosses.
2. Clear Skin. Summer days are usually bright and sunny and they show off whatever skin imperfections you have. So it's best to start with a facial regimen that will clear up your pores. Or, you can also use sunless tanning products to get that perfect tan as soon as summer starts to hide your skin's blemishes.
3. Smooth and Soft Skin. Of course, you'll be showing off your skin more due to the hot weather. Make sure you have smooth skin by exfoliating and moisturizing on a daily basis.

4. Light Makeup. It's best to show off your clear and smooth skin with light and informal makeup. Just a little blush and lip gloss would do to heighten your skin's natural glow.
5. Sunscreen. Of course, you need to protect all that skin you've been showing from harmful UV rays. It is highly recommended to wear sunscreen whenever engaging in outdoor activities.
6. The Perfect Bikini. Know your body type and shape and get the perfect swimsuit that fits you. Remember that sometimes, less is more. So don't spend too much money on skimpy bikinis because maybe a daring one-piece may just be what suits your body.
7. Short Shorts and Mini Skirts. Show off your legs with that sexy pair of short shorts and miniskirts! Of course, be sure to shave them!
8. Comfy Tank Tops. Always find the best tank tops to go with your short shorts or skirts. Remember to choose those cottony fabrics that are light and comfortable.
9. Sexy Flip-Flops. There are a lot of branded flip flops out there that compliment your sexy feet and ankles. But you don't necessarily need to spend a lot. Just make sure they're durable and comfortable for those long summer walks.

10. A Bronzed Complexion. Yes, I have saved the best for last. Summer won't be summer is you're not sporting a tanned skin! But remember that too much sunbathing is bad for you so it's still best to use sunless tanning products if you intent to show off a sun-kissed complexion during the entire season!

These are what you need most to get the most out of your summer! Remember that summer is probably the most romantic season of all and if you want to catch a guy's attention, it's better to show off your beautifully tanned skin. Just don't forget that too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer. It's a good thing effective sunless tanning lotions are now available almost anywhere so that you can get that natural looking tan all summer!

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