10 Strategies to Get the Very Best Faux Tan

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Dead skin cells need to go!
For your natural, even looking fake tan, scrub your whole body previous to applying your spray tan. Pay special attention to the parts of your body that are more vulnerable to dryness, which include your elbows and knees.

Stretching the Life of Your Skin
Your skin layer automatically flakes off, pulling your faux tan along for the ride. Hydrating your skin delays your skin from flaking off, prolonging the length of time your tan remains on your skin. Remember to choose an scent- free lotion that complements your skin type.

Spend 1 hour sweat-free and eight to 12 hours shower-free
Just because a tan dries quickly does not mean it's wise to go and run a marathon straight after. It can be a good plan to let your tan soak into your skin as long as possible. Actions that bring about a sweat have to be prevented for a minimum of one hour after your fake tan is put on. Washing is to be avoided for 8 to 12 hours. Fake tanning in the evening and taking a shower the next day is a good idea. It's advisable to clean your teeth prior to a fake tan to assure you don't wash it off while rinsing your mouth. That would not be attractive!

Hair removal takes place ahead of a spray tan
If you'd like to remove your tan, shaving straight after application is the best technique of doing it. Otherwise, shave a couple of hours beforehand. In case you prefer to wax, then a 24 to forty eight hour gap is best for optimal results. To not have a streaky, splotchy fake tan, hair removal is important.

Items to be clothed in whilst and following your fake tan
It's logical that whatever part of your body is concealed with clothing, definitely won't be accessed by fake tan. So the ideal thing to put on might be a skimpy bikini or if you are comfortable enough, nothing at all! Be certain you don't wear light coloured clothing when applying fake tan (for obvious reasons), darker clothing is ideal and then for post-tan, the looser the better.

Blend evenly
Spread your tan in a circular motion, taking care not to skip out any areas.

Fake tan doesn't belong on your hands
How can you exclude staining your hands and fingernails? Simple! Put on latex gloves. It's possible to purchase these at your closest convenience store.

Orange eye brows as well as hairline; i think not!
A small amount of petroleum jelly, for example Vaseline, prevents your fake tan from remaining and dying your eyebrows and hairline a shade of orange.

You're not catching a train - don't rush!
Give your tan a minimum of fifteen minutes to sink in prior to getting in bed or crawling on the couch. This allows you to avoid spoiling your fake tan and staining your furniture.15 minutes before getting into bed or lazing on the sofa. By getting the tan to absorb into your skin you will be preventing staining of furniture and destroying your tan.

Control is crucial to maintain your natural look
The optimal period of time between applying fake tan is 8 to 12 days.

When you become a seasoned tanning pro you can even buy your own Ten Tips to get your perfect DIY Tan

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