10 Great Science Movies - A Treat for Geeks!!

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Watching movies with extensive technical influence is a major part of geek life. These movies provide inspiration and insight into many technological advancement that can be implemented into real life situations. The type of movies watched is not limited to their specific area of study as the key issue for these geeks is to delve deep into the various innovations suggested or utilized in the creation of the movie. Some of the movies that are a must see for geeks are:

1. Jurassic Park

Jurassic park is a classic film about the advances in genetic manipulations and the unpredictability of nature. It has been viewed by millions of geeks worldwide who have an affinity for dinosaurs and all prehistoric.

2. Gattaca

This movie is a favorite among space-orientated geeks. Its plot is about a man living in a world that is classed based on the genetic makeup of individuals and his fight to break out of this cocoon and pursue his dream of space travel.

3. I Robot

This movie conveys the story of a futuristic cop who investigates the murder of a human by a suspected rebel robot.

4. The Matrix Trilogy

This movie on robotics and artificial intelligence is placed on the top shelf on any geek's movie collection. The plot is based on the notion that robots have taken over the earth and humans have become slaves to be used as a source of energy. Only a group of rebels headed by a man known as Morfius is capable of creating a sustainable fight back.

5. Stargate

The plot of the movie surrounds the mysterious opening of a hate in space that allows people to travel great distances to other planets. Upon reaching there, things are not as the expected and thus endure a constant fight to return to earth.

6. The Thing

This classic from the 80s was a combination of both horror and scientific research gone badly. It tells the story of a group of scientists conducting research on the continent of Antarctica who encounter a deadly alien monster that can transform itself into any form of life it encounters.

7. A Space Odyssey

This 2001 space exploration classic examines the possible direction that man will take and the scientific issues involved in the evolution of humans into artificial intelligence.

8. Wall-E

Wall-E is a classic geek love story. It involves an archaic waste collecting robot who is designed to collect waste after the tragic destruction of the earth and its love of a state of art robot from a distance civilization. Through the pursuit of this love, Wall-E ends up saving this civilization from disaster.

9. An Inconvenient Truth

This movie is an environmentalist treasure. It investigates and puts the issues of global warming into the face of its audience.

10. Apollo 13

This geek classic details the momentous job done by NASA in bringing home the crew of Apollo 13 from a space mission despite the many technical malfunctions they encountered.

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