10 Diet Friendly Superfoods

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Here's is a list of 10 Diet Superfoods that I have researched.

Not only do they help you lose weight, they taste good!

Pomegranates: Widely recognised as the most nutritious fruit you can eat, pomegranates contain more cancer-fighting antioxidants than grape juice, red wine or green tea. The fruit is also rich in vitamins A, C and E, and in iron, which helps the blood maintain an effective supply of oxygen to the body. Even better, with just 100 calories per pomegranate, this super fruit isn't going to break the diet.

Sushi: Made with rice, dried seaweed, vegetables and fish, sushi makes a nutritious snack that's low in fat and high in fibre, vitamins and omega-3 acids. No wonder the Japanese remain in good health longer than anybody else in the world. if you're restricting your carbs, opt for sashimi (fish with no rice) or fill up with a cup of Miso soup, which contains just 40 calories and 5.3g of carbohydrates.

Kidney beans: As well as being a great source of protein, iron, and cholesterol-lowering fibre, kidney beans are low in sugar and saturated fat making them a good low-calorie choice for weight watchers. Low on the GI scale, they release energy slowly, helping to keep you fuller for longer. Add to soups, salads and wraps for a smart way to re-fuel your body and keep energy levels high.

Apples: As well as being packed full of antioxidants, apples are high in vitamin C and the soluble fibre pectin, which can help to lower blood cholesterol levels. Low on the GI index, apples release energy into the body slowly, helping to keep blood sugar levels regulated. There are only 47 calories in an average-sized apple - so eating one (or more) a day can help keep the fat, as well as the doctor away.

Porridge oats: High in soluble and insoluble fibre, porridge made with wholegrain natural oats is digested slowly, making it the perfect slow-release energy food. It's also packed with B vitamins, which support the nervous system and have a calming effect. And if you're watching your weight, porridge contains far fewer calories than many breakfast cereal options.

Broccoli: Bursting with antioxidants, broccoli is also a great source of naturally occurring folic acid, which is thought to help prevent heart disease. Very low on the GI scale compared to other vegetables, broccoli can be enjoyed raw in salads, stir fried, steamed or boiled in a variety of dishes - and all for a few calories.

Cherries: Packed with powerful antioxidants, cherries also contain vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate - as well as cancer-preventing beta carotene (containing 19 times more than blueberries or strawberries). If you're having problems sleeping, try snacking on a cup of cherries (75 calories). They're a good source of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep patterns.

Salmon: All fish is a source of good-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, but oily fish such as salmon also contains omega 3 fats that reduce blood clotting and inflammation. Studies show that eating oily fish dramatically reduces the risk of having a heart attack, depression and dementia. A single 4oz serving of salmon contains just 168 calories and 5g of fat.

Spinach: One of the most nutritious greens available, especially if eaten raw. Just one cup contains more than your daily requirement of vitamin K and A, and most of manganese and folate your body needs - and all for just 40 calories. Spinach contains more than a dozen individual flavonoid compounds, which neutralise free radicals and prevent cancer, while magnesium helps to lower blood pressure.

Blueberries: The purple berries are bursting with vitamins and rich in polyphenols - beneficial chemicals found in plants - which have an antioxidative effect known to reduce the risk of cancer and delay the onset of dementia. Now researchers say the fibre they contain may help lower the risk of bowel cancer. Try eating a few berries with low-fat yogurt for a diet friendly health boost.

Give them a try and enjoy!

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