0845 Numbers Growing In Popularity

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UK businesses use 0845 numbers because they're powerful, convenient, and cost-effective. Configuring 0845 numbers is usually a simple process that the provider can complete it minutes. It generally involves a one-time connection fee, but after that, the only fee for the business is a low monthly service charge.

Typically, 0845 numbers redirect to a traditional landline or mobile phone. The way this works is that the subscribing business provides a number for redirection. Most providers include a Web-based interface free of charge so that the business can set this information themselves. This is particularly beneficial for small business owners who may have different redirects depending on the time of day.

Today's 0845 numbers also meet the complex needs for big businesses. Consider a chain with many small outlets across the UK. If they want to have a singular access number, they could have a call centre that accepts the call and then reroutes it to the appropriate location. But call centres are expensive propositions. With a 0845 number, the provider can manage this free.

These numbers also offer tremendous value in terms of flexibility. Under normal conditions, investing in the marketing of a telephone number can be risky business. If the needs change or the business loses their rights to that number, then they can lose that investment. But a business can't lose the rights to these numbers, and they'll own it for as long as they like.

Better yet, if the needs of the business changes, the business can change without affecting the number. After all, it's just a redirection, so they can change the redirection at any time. If traffic grows, then the business can simply expand the agreement with the provider. There's never any need to rent or buy additional equipment or to pay for additional lines. So in light of this, it's obvious why 0845 numbers have become a favoured tool of the modern business.

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