0800 Numbers Help Increase Sales Calls

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Businesses of every size are eager to connect with current as well as potential new customers and 0800 numbers enable them to do just that. The marketing strategy behind using an 0800 number is to provide the customer with a totally free way to call the business to ask questions, inquire about an order or obtain any sort of customer service help without having the call cost them a penny. The biggest advantage of having 0800 numbers as the contact number for any size business is the wonderful risk-free and cost free incentive it provides current as well as potential customers to call your company.

Another benefit for any UK business to use 0800 numbers is the impression it gives the customer. Having an 0800 number gives a good first impression because it makes the company seem prosperous enough to absorb the cost of the phone call rather than charging the customer to make an inquiry. An 0800 number also conveys the message to the customer that the business wants to make it as easy and convenient to contact them as possible and 0800 numbers are easy to use from any phone anywhere in the UK without having to worry about the cost. When given a choice between calling a telephone number that incurs a charge for the call compared with an 0800 number, almost all customers will choose the 0800 number, giving that company a decided advantage in today's competitive business market.

Businesses who choose to use 0800 numbers can use them as effective marketing tools for their business by obtaining a vanity 0800 number that contains the business' name or a keyword related to the business that is very easy to remember. Having an 0800 number also gives the impression of stability and longevity to the business, and gives the appearance that the company is large and prosperous even though it may in reality have only one main office. An 0800 number always helps to increase sales because customers from throughout the UK can use it cost free, not limiting the company's customer base to only those locations where the business' main headquarters or branches are located.

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