0800 Numbers Attract Customers To Growing Businesses

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Toll free phone numbers, such as 0800 numbers are great for businesses, especially service oriented businesses and telemarketers. They allow a caller to reach a business by telephone without charges. The charges are paid by the company that uses the 0800 number, rather than the party who is calling them. They are great for growing businesses and gaining more customers. Many businesses have seen an increase of incoming calls of up to 70% when they provide a 0800 number in their advertising, rather than a geographically based number and/ or a number that charges the caller a per minute fee.

There are a few different prefixes used in the UK for toll-free numbers, but 0800 numbers are the most common and are known by the general population to be toll-free numbers. If a customer is looking to call a new service, such as a hairdresser or auto mechanic, they are more likely to call a number that is free of charge. Customers also often overestimate the charges for a phone call. It also gives that business more of a professional feel and inspires confidence. Consumers feel like businesses with these numbers are more established and legitimate than other businesses. Many companies use 0800 numbers in advertising because consumers are much more likely to call an unfamiliar business if the call is free for them. 0800 numbers are not tied to your location, therefore attracting a wider base of customers in more areas.

If attracting customers and inspiring consumer confidence is your goal, getting a 0800 number for your business is a great way to accomplish that. Most consumers know that these numbers are toll-free and are therefore much more likely to call them than other numbers. They also may not know where the business is located and your business is likely to reach customers in more geographical areas.

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