0800 Numbers Are The Time-Tested Money-Savers

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0800 numbers are the classic free phone numbers that are in use now for generations, as they serve some of the largest businesses in the UK for their customer contact needs.

Now, thanks to providers who specialize in obtaining 0800 numbers for British businesses of any size, your small business can enjoy all of the convenience and image which these free phone numbers are meant to provide.

Not only can a customer call your business free of any phone charges at all times from any landline in the UK, but when a customer or partner sees that you have taken the effort to obtain an 0800 number, it gives them the feeling that your business is a substantial and solid one.

Unique among all premium numbers in that any landline subscriber can dial it free of charge and speak for as long as he wishes, 0800 numbers also guarantee confidentiality and security. While they can be directed to your landline or even your mobile, the caller does not know where you are located or anything about you other than what you disclose along with your number. So, a small business does not have to be concerned that its customers will find out where it is physically located or that it is operated out of its owner's home.

In addition, now that some 0800 numbers providers offer forwarding of calls to a mobile, these numbers are extremely convenient for business owners as well as for their customers. Other features such as auto-response are available from private resellers of free phone numbers and businesses are advised to consider these features when selecting their numbers.

Free phone in the UK has been synonymous with 0800 numbers for generations. By purchasing such a number, you give your customers a perfect combination of convenience and confidence, while maintaining security and having access to versatile new free phone number features.

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